Steel bracelet 6mm heishi beads pink amethyst opal stone and yellow aventurine



Discover our magnificent steel bracelet with 6 mm heishi beads, adorned with natural stones of amethyst, yellow aventurine and pink opal stone. This unique bracelet combines elegance and simplicity, with brightly colored beads that bring a touch of cheerfulness to your wrist.

Amethyst, Yellow Aventurine and Pink Opal stones are carefully selected for their beauty and energetic properties. Amethyst is known to promote serenity and emotional balance, while yellow aventurine brings prosperity and good luck. The pink opal stone, for its part, symbolizes love and harmony.

This bracelet is available in three different sizes: large (20 cm), medium (18 cm) and small (16 cm), to fit your wrist perfectly. The gold metal adds a touch of glamor to the whole, and the steel finish ensures great durability.

Wear this bracelet with pride and let its natural beauty shine on your wrist. It is ideal for men and women, and can be worn alone or in combination with other jewelry. Treat yourself to this unique piece of jewelry and bring out your style with elegance.

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